Vehicle signwriting is not just the process of wrapping a vehicle with recyclable plastic designed nicely. It is much more than that. Taking care about how you present your business mostly shows how you take care of your customers, too.

Every day your branded vehicle is in use, your brand generates between 30,000-70,000 impressions. According to the research, 29% of audiences would make a purchase based on the vehicle ad they see.

Signwriting entails a whole process starting from the initial idea to design, keeping your vehicle at the right temperature, printing the graphics and finally applying them. Maintenance comes next.

To maintain your vehicle and the signwriting, there are a few things we recommend that you do. As you can imagine, the paint, the wrapping and other elements of your vehicle would be impossible to maintain without dedicating some time to maintaining it.

How long does signwriting last?

Our high-quality material and application can resist up to 10 years. However, we suggest refreshing it every 3-5 years to keep your branding up to date. At Hardy Signs, we’ve been wrapping bikes, cars, vans, big buses, helicopters, Formula 1 cars, and so much more.

There are some steps you can take to increase the lifespan of your signwriting.

Many factors can cause damage to vehicle signwriting, regardless of the quality of the material used. Weather conditions affect the longevity of your wrapping. We would advise you to park your car in a location that avoids the sun.

Wash your vehicle regularly:

Using your vehicle every day exposes it to dust. Odd weather conditions or other factors can create dust and air pollutants, which decreases the visibility of the branding. After a while, it could also damage the wrapping. To avoid further damage and prolong the signwriting life, you must wash your vehicle regularly every week.

It is always safer to hand wash your vehicle. All your need is a sponge and the right shampoo. It’s vital to use specialist car shampoo over fairy liquid to prevent breaking down the protective wax applied to your vehicle. Using home products can cause colour fading of the signage.

Avoid Pressure washing

If this is your only choice, you need to keep the right distance (12 to 15 inches) between the nozzle and the vehicle and adjust the water pressure. Avoid spraying damaged wraps or wrap seams.

Remove Stains and insects:

Often, insects get stuck on the surface of the vehicle. They become an issue when you don’t wash your vehicles regularly. To prevent damaging the signwriting, you must use clean, warm water, using specialist car shampoo and dry it with a soft micro-fibre cloth. Other concerns are dust stains and watermarks. A soft piece of cloth and warm water would protect the signwriting.

Be aware of applying wax:

While wax protects the vehicle in general, it will degrade the vinyl and shorten the wrap’s life. Only use gentle soap and a soft cloth or sponge, as mentioned above. Avoiding polishing and wax is a must.

Vehicle Wrapping can be one of your key marketing tools to attract clients locally and nationally. Advertising on your vehicle doesn’t just bring new customers. It can also serve to maintain current customers. Vehicle branding can reach people when they least expect it and can increase brand awareness. Although it is difficult to measure it, your team can practise asking new customers where they saw the brand first.

At Hardy Signs, we have been completing vehicle graphic projects since 1993. Since we started, applications have developed from hand painting to very high-quality, digitally printed vinyl that matches a design brief to 100%.

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