Making a lasting first impression can be difficult in today’s market. Some form of advertisement surrounds us wherever we go. With more brits getting back to their outdoor routine, external signage has never been so important. But where did it all start?

Outdoor signage dates back as early as Ancient Egypt. The Romans and Greeks were also known to use signboards for shop fronts and the announcement of public events. Usually made from Stone or terracotta and hand-painted symbols that have survived modern times, such as the iconic red and white barbers pole. It is no wonder that outdoor signage is one of the most popular advertisement methods to this day.

Nowadays, techniques and materials have changed to suit all business requirements; thus, basics may be overlooked when it comes to outdoor signage. Our external signage will help you create the message you wish to be related to your target audience. Whether you’re upgrading your current signage, converting a blank space or rebranding your business, our specialist in-house team of designers and installers can turn your vision into reality. From Industrial Signs, Banners & Flags to Illuminated Boards. Our multi-award-winning team at Hardy Signs caters for all outdoor signage requirements.

>> What types do we offer?

Illuminated Signs

Incorporating illumination into your outdoor signage is a great way to gain prominent visibility and stand out from your competitors. Hardy Signs has supplied and installed illumination for a wide range of organisations that are aiming to bring life to their outdoor signage scheme. We offer low maintenance, eco-friendly options that will allow improved design options and brand perception that give 24-hour visibility and even benefit your site security.

Pavement Signs

Otherwise known as A-Board or Sandwich boards, they form an additional flexible option to your wider signage scheme. Incorporate chalkboard or dry-wipe options for flexibility, including clip frames and notice boards to change the info on display easily. This type of sign can be fixed or manoeuvrable and can be designed to rotate or swing to catch attention.

Post & Panel Signs 

Post & panel sign systems can be customised with digital print, bespoke shapes and are built to withstand adverse conditions in their outdoor location. Taller units can be utilised to avoid obstructions, and double-sided or multi-panel units ensure that your message is visible from different directions.

Pub Signs

With our manufacturing heritage-based firmly in the brewing capital of Burton on Trent – Hardy Signs offers expertise in the manufacture of a wide range of signage solutions for pubs, social clubs, wine and cocktail bars alike. Our skilled team regularly employ traditional techniques such as gold-leaf gilding and hand-painting to create iconic British public house style project.

Traffic Signs

Using high-quality materials and the latest print technology, our range of traffic signs will form a crucial part of your outdoor signage scheme whilst ensuring your organisation complies with UK legislation and best practice. These signs are designed to be instantly recognised and understood – allowing safe navigation around a car park, site road or other outdoor spaces.

Wayfinding Signage

These signs are specifically designed and located to assist your visitors, your clients or your employees in finding their way to a given location. With over 30 years of experience, Hardy Signs has established an extensive range of wayfinding sign solutions to suit every application. Whether you are looking for single one-off signage for an event or you require a full suite of signage for your hospital or school, we can help.

Banners & Flags

Banners can be used for a vast number of outdoor projects. In the Hardy Signs state-of-the-art print studio, using solvent-free printers, our production team create wide format digitally printed banners with fast turnaround. Due to our capabilities, there is no limit on the sizes available with high quality, eye-catching designs for your organisation.

Door Signs

Door signs come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Here at Hardy Signs, we design, manufacture and install signage for a vast range of doors and entryways. Your door sign may simply be required to inform and portray a clear message to visitors. Alternatively, its purpose could be to welcome, to be warm and inviting.

Fascia Signs

More often than not, these signs are the first impression given to anyone visiting your organisation, and so at Hardy Signs, we understand how vital a fascia sign can be. Generally located at the front of your premises, these signs are designed to promote, engage and even entertain…

Hoarding Boards

Hoarding signage allows your organisation to advertise and promote your message before the official opening or launch. Over the last 30 years, we have been working with construction and development projects across the UK to manufacture and install large-scale hoarding systems with attractive designs that are aesthetically pleasing and serve as a security barrier.

Industrial Signs

Industrial buildings require various outdoor signage for identification, directions and health and safety purposes. Providing solutions for all key areas is a key element in our approach. We specialise in large scale signage for factory and industrial buildings – ensuring your identity is the focus when clients, visitors and staff at your facility.

Interpretation Signs

Interpretation signs are beneficial for external use in the natural environment. They are designed to bring your space to life. From the initial concept to manufacture and installation, our specialised in-house design team and fitters can provide unique products in a variety of different materials.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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