There are specific rules and regulations you need to follow to keep everyone safe on the roads. They apply to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Local authorities, highway maintenance and construction companies, ambulances, police, and many other organisations have now adopted the ‘Chapter 8’ guidelines.

These organisations and others will often be as strict as now allowing vehicles in their sites unless equipped with the appropriate safety markings and lighting.

What does Chapter 8 mean?

Chapter 8 regulations are codes of practice that assist with signing, lighting, and guarding road works and roads maintenance. Chapter 8 is the eighth section of the Traffic Signs Manual issued by the Department for Transport. It refers explicitly to policies and guidance for people who run and maintain roads network. However, as mentioned above, many other sectors and authorities have implemented them to increase efficiency and safety.

What are Chapter 8 requirements?


Depending on the vehicle model and your requirements, we design, print and install reflective graphics that comply with Chapter 8 regulations.

Specification on the use of Chapter 8 signage may vary from one vehicle to another:

  1. Vehicles such as vans and cars which stop and operate on the highway for work purposes should use rear chevrons in reflective and non-reflective yellow strips not less than 50 mm wide along the length of the vehicle. 


  1. Vehicles such as truckstippers, gritters should also add reflective strips on the edges of doors and equipment lockers.


  1. All vehicles stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings. In addition, maintenance vehicles will need “Highway Maintenance” text. “Motorway Maintenance” may be used instead when working on motorways only. The text must be a minimum of 70mm high for temporary traffic management vehicles and 140mm for all other cars carrying personnel or equipment.

Essential information:

o Rear markings on vans and cars must be upward facing chevrons in alternating stripes red and yellow.

o Each chevron stripe must have a minimum of 150mm width and must be angled upwards between 45 and 60 degrees.

o Red stripes provide maximum visibility at night and therefore must be of retroreflective material.

o Yellow stripes must be non-reflective and/or fluorescent, and by contrasting with the red stripes, they provide sufficient daytime and night visibility.

o Chevrons should cover as much of the rear as possible but never obscure windows, lighting and registration plates.


Apart from all other reasons, signage plays a vital role in safety in general. Specifically, in Chapter 8, it is crucial to establish and maintain a safe system of work through signage.


Reflective graphics make vehicles highly visible during nighttime conditions that maintain safety and promote your company.

What makes them unique is the ability to remain visible when other car’s lights pass nearby. Our high-quality vinyl materials enable us to apply reflective graphics to any vehicle. Extensive attention to detail is given to applying them, whether it is on a curved surface or a different shape.

Chapter 8 Chevrons

Chapter 8 chevrons are a mix of day and night markings and signs to ensure that vehicles are prominent on highways while protecting road users and drivers. We provide bespoke chevrons depending on the vehicle’s make and models that fully comply with Chapter 8 guidelines.

According to Traffic Signs Manual, vehicles should have chevrons covering as much of the vehicle’s rear as possible without obscuring windows, lights, or registration plates. Rear chevrons should be upward facing with yellow and red stripes. The red stripes should be retroreflective for night-time visibility, and the yellow stripes non-reflective for daytime visibility.

Reflective Graphics (Chapter 8)Chapter 8 Chevron Kits:

Chapter 8 kits are supplied as standard, flooded, flooded applied and magnetic kits.

All vehicle manufacturers

Easy to apply



Additional Decals and Ancillaries

We can also supply all additional decals and ancillaries that you will need for application.


Chevron Boards and Self Adhesive Panels

Chevron boards are available for the rears of vehicles such as Tippers and vans. We supply these already applied to the substrate and as a full decal ready for you to apply.

Vinyl-ApplicationChapter 8 Fitting Service

We offer a professional fitting service to all Chapter 8 customers, whether it’s arranged at your premises or here at Victory HQ.





At Hardy Signs, we offer high-quality customer service and professional vehicle wrapping services. We have extensive experience in this field, which enables us to take you from the initial concept to vinyl application.

Chapter 8 is not official legislation, but due to the mass adoption for local authorities and the private sector – all companies are rapidly implementing the regulations to their fleet.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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