Notice boards are a universal sign that is used in all kinds of businesses across the world. They are a valuable way of displaying information, too, as they keep documents safe to inform visitors or employees of reminders or keeping everybody safe with health and safety documents. For example, in many factories, they will have notice boards with document holders with the clean-up procedure to ensure employees follow strict guidelines and keep track of all tasks where possible.

>> Five different types of notice boards:

Whiteboard - Hardy Signs - Wabtec

Whiteboards / Dry-Wipe Boards:

Whiteboards/dry-wipe boards are used across the world by a range of different sectors, from education and healthcare to manufacturing and hospitality, and are advantageous for notice boards. These boards can be magnetic or non-magnetic depending on what you require – however magnetic boards are beneficial. Dry-wipe panels make it easy to jot down notes and change them quickly without making a mess.

Plastic Omnium - Hardy Signs - Notice Board

Mobile Boards:

Mobile notice boards are perfect for temporary displays or presentations. These may be used in offices, schools, or universities. Being mobile allows them to move freely where needed at any given time. They can also be double-sided, which also makes life a little easier. Mostly these will be safe to use with staples and pins, meaning that they are incredibly versatile in changing the displays/notices.

Tool Stations and Shadow Boards
Warburton - Hardy Signs - Shadowboard

Shadow Boards:

Shadow boards are used primarily in manufacturing sectors as it helps keep track of the tools currently in use. They organise a workplace and make sure equipment is appropriately stored to create a safer, more efficient environment. These boards are also used in the education sector to make sure the equipment used is returned. For example, in a food-tech lesson – knives and scissors will be stored in one of these (a lockable version) so that no one is put in harm’s way.

Muller - Hardy Signs - Lockable Notice Board


Lockable notice boards can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes as they keep information and documents safe at all times. These are the perfect notice boards for high footfall areas, as any audience walking past will see the information. Still, as it is locked away, nobody can change the information or deface anything. These can also be weather resistant which is especially helpful when using these types of notice boards outside.

Notice Boards
KP Snacks Rotherham - Hardy Signs - Wall Graphics

Paper & Document Holders:

These types of holders are innovative ways to display information to everybody. Many manufacturing companies such as Plastic Omnium, Muller, Wabtec etc., will use document holders like these to keep information organised at all times. In industries like these, health and safety is of the utmost importance and using these noticeboards keeps everything on track. These holders may contain permit books, maps, permits to work, recognition boards, risk assessments etc.

Why are notice boards useful?

All use this type of signage daily. In schools, it may display the ‘school rules’, PTA meetings and event date and times; in a more corporate office space, it may show notices, adverts or even a dress code. They have many purposes, and the different kinds of notice boards also help with this. At Hardy Place, our notice board displays awards’ we’ve won, certificates to show our staff are trained in first aid, scaffolding and also that we have our ISO Audit. They are also on display to provide encouragement to employees and show them what their hard work achieves.

Having individual notice boards at desks can also motivate staff members to use them how they see fit. Many will have pictures of family and friends (perhaps to look to when work gets stressful), others may have timetables to keep track of their days, so they don’t forget important meetings etc. Some will even have their achievements on display to motivate themselves to work harder. There are so many different ways of using these, and they can be accommodating in a whole manner of business.

What is the purpose of a notice board?

Notice boards are handy in all kinds of situations to help improve communication. We use them in meetings to quickly sketch a layout for an emailer or social media post. They will be used to jot down action points or notes we need to remember. We have notice boards that include images of our first aid team and where the nearest first aid box is and notice boards where the jobs for that coming week are included with the employees doing those jobs – this keeps track of where we are at so jobs do not overlap. We also use them to keep track of data.

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