Our bespoke fabrication service allows your project vision to become reality.

Bespoke factory entrance and PPE boards to inform and protect your staff.

A key element to successful lean manufacturing is compliance with legislation and Health & Safety laws.

Shadow boards and equipment storage boards are used in the manufacturing and service industries.

Our visual management solutions are designed to efficiently communicate data to the relevant people.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards serve a dual purpose. They can be used as whiteboards on which information can be put up for display during office meetings and other presentations. They can also be used as a pinboard that allows employees, or even management, to put up notices, spreadsheets, notes, artwork and much more.

Unlike regular tack boards that require the use of pins that leave behind unsightly marks or holes on the board and the paper, magnetic whiteboards rely on magnets to hold up the pages and once taken down, leave no damage on the board.

They offer several benefits that make them ideal for use in many office environments. These include:


As said, magnetic whiteboards can be easily used as both a whiteboard and a pinboard. But without having to worry about damage to its surface or the paper used to display whatever information.

It is also worth noting that there is the option to display notices or whatever other information on already printed paper, or by writing directly on the board itself. With a pinboard, any writing on the board would typically be permanent. With the magnetic whiteboard, once the information displayed is no longer needed, you can simply wipe it off. If left plain, the surface can also be used to play slides or videos. The unwritten surface can work well as a background for such presentations.


Due to how magnetic whiteboards are manufactured, they can end up being used for years without the need for any repairs or updates. They are typically made of tempered glass or porcelain that is quite resilient and will not easily break. The surface of the glass or porcelain is also quite scratch resistant and smooth, allowing for comfortable and prolonged use without issue. When properly installed, they make for a durable and safe option for office and classroom environments.

Easy Cleaning

Even after you have covered the surface of the whiteboard with all kinds of information, it is an easy matter to erase it and have a fresh start. This can be quite convenient when you have finished a project and are moving on to another, or in a class where each new day brings new subject matter to go over. Early whiteboards were somewhat porous, making cleaning not as easy. However, the current quality versions we offer do not allow for ink to be absorbed. The glass surface can be easily cleaned with minimal effort, providing you with a blank white surface to work with time and again.


Magnetic whiteboards can be customised to fit whatever size of space. While white is standard for many offices, you can still choose to have it customised to whatever colour you want, particularly if in keeping with your company branding. There is much flexibility in designing magnetic whiteboards so they can be a better fit for the corporate environment you want to foster. You can also add logos or other features to its design for a more distinctive look. Aesthetics can even be enhanced by simply using magnets to pin attractive pictures or posters on the board.

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Plastic Ominium UK & Belgium

Hardy Signs is proud of the longstanding business relationship with Plastic Omnium, the international auto-parts manufacturer based in France.

Over the last 20 years Hardy Signs has provided a variety of services for Plastic Omnium’s several locations in the UK and in 2018 completed a major project in Brussels, Belgium.

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The solution provided by Hardy Signs could not be more suitable to the task required. From our initial consultation, it was clear that they understand our requirements and had the knowledge and experience to not only design and build the project but to ultimately install it too. We would be quite happy to highly recommend the Hardy Signs team and their services”.

Paul Geaney - Lhoist LTD