Our bespoke fabrication service allows your project vision to become reality.

Bespoke factory entrance and PPE boards to inform and protect your staff.

A key element to successful lean manufacturing is compliance with legislation and Health & Safety laws.

Shadow boards and equipment storage boards are used in the manufacturing and service industries.

Our visual management solutions are designed to efficiently communicate data to the relevant people.

KPI Visual Management

Any business that wants to improve its production and growth already knows the value of creating, scheduling, and visualizing its proposed actions while holding everyone accountable. KPI visual management provides a dynamic way to quickly and productively move a business toward its goals with the ability to adapt as needed.

Every workplace with a diverse workforce has the challenge of providing each employee with the tools to be successful. Each individual employed will have their own unique and specific form of learning—this often makes it seem impossible to get everyone on the same page at the same time.

This is exactly where KPI visual management can be effective and uniting for the whole team

Organic Objectives and Growth

With a KPI board, all objectives for the team should be visible and understandable to everyone. Once an activity has been accomplished or made a certain amount of progress, the activity then moves across the board from left to right. In simpler terms, the first action of an activity counts as the starting point of the KPI board race. Each completion of an activity “races” an employee step-by-step toward the finish line.

The beauty of KPI board management is that it’s easily adjusted for any changes and needs. If a certain activity needs to be customized or changed, the status of the activity doesn’t need to start over again. The flow of the board simply needs an adjustment to continue moving along.

Target Tracking to Suit Your Needs

Another way that KPI board management can be beneficial in a workplace is in tracking lengths of time in correlation with progression. No one business or team moves at the same pace, but KPI board management allows a workplace’s flow and progression to move at its own pace in a way that can be tracked and improved upon.

One of the most common uses for KPI board management is to monitor and update performances in different aspects of the workplace. A KPI board allows both supervisors and team members to see how they’re progressing with their own targeted goals and performance.

When considering implementing KPI board management or updating your current management tracking systems, consider how much you will be using and possibly updating your board. Some businesses use theirs every single day while others use their board once a month.

Enterprise Augmentation

No matter how often a board is used, there will need to be updating and adjusting targets on the board. A business that doesn’t use its KPI board very often may be able to get a simple, magnetic board where updates are simply papers that need to be switched out.

For those who utilize KPI board management in multiple aspects of their business every day, a more complex board that provides fast, simple replacement options would provide the ability to make smooth, daily changes with as little time wasted as possible.

KPI Boards to Suit Your Business Needs

KPI board management has been proven to be able to help businesses not only grow, but to help all employees understand objectives and stay on track. Your business deserves to have the best board to assist with KPI board management.

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Plastic Ominium UK & Belgium

Hardy Signs is proud of the longstanding business relationship with Plastic Omnium, the international auto-parts manufacturer based in France.

Over the last 20 years Hardy Signs has provided a variety of services for Plastic Omnium’s several locations in the UK and in 2018 completed a major project in Brussels, Belgium.

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We deliver solutions which reduce waste and create a safer, more efficient, production environment.

Supplying and installing signage for manufacturing organisations over since 1993 has given Hardy Signs the knowledge and expertise to deliver these solutions. Take a look at the examples in the following categories and get in touch today to discuss how Lean Manufacturing signage can help your business:

We're geared up for anything

With more than 25 years’ at the forefront of the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver the smallest, simple requirements to the largest, most complicated projects.

Our teams are fully trained in electrical and mechanical processes and hold certification in health and safety procedure as well as access machinery and equipment.

Strict planning constraints? High-level access requirements? Hardy Signs is equipped to deal with your project’s unique requirements, ensuring maximum impact with minimum inconvenience.


The solution provided by Hardy Signs could not be more suitable to the task required. From our initial consultation, it was clear that they understand our requirements and had the knowledge and experience to not only design and build the project but to ultimately install it too. We would be quite happy to highly recommend the Hardy Signs team and their services”.

Paul Geaney - Lhoist LTD