Turbine System Technologies

Over the years, we at Hardy Signs, have produced a wide variety of lean manufacturing solutions. These include working with companies such as Nestle, Willshees, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium and even partnering with a student at Keele University who helped Hardy Signs investigate the meaning of digital signage in the manufacturing industry, particularly lean manufacturing.

For this project, one of our installation teams went to their offices in Nottingham and fitted these wall graphics. The wall graphics have brought the wall spaces to life with their colour and intelligent designs.

Established in August 2000 TSTL are a Joint venture company between Rolls-Royce and Chromalloy. Building on the strengths of both parent companies – Rolls-Royce, an innovation of new coatings and strong market and Chromalloy, proven production implementation and knowledge TSTL is a centre of excellence specialising in coatings for gas turbine components located in the hot gas path section of the engine.