Richard Winterton Auctioneers

Richard Winterton Auctioneers are opening their doors to the public on Monday, October 11th. Based at the former Arts Centre in Tamworth, signage was recently installed and has received positive feedback.

This installation included an aluminium faced sign tray with graphics applied for the fascia signage and aluminium faced panels mounted on spacers with the main logo on. When your signage focuses on your main branding it helps passers-by to recognise your business much easier.

Internal signage will be installed in the next few days to keep customers informed about the ethos and directions and entertained throughout their visit to the auction house.

Originally a 19th-century music hall, the 3,700 sq. ft premises will accommodate new salerooms for live specialist auctions. The family firm, which has been auctioneering in Staffordshire for seven generations since 1864, previously had an office just yards away from its new Tamworth premises on Colehill.