Betty’s Farm

Betty’s Farm approached us requiring a variety of signage for the reopening of their farm shop based in Willington, Derbyshire. Our team were able to carry out the manufacture and installation of all the new signage. Included in this project were road signs, sign trays, directional and post and panel signs to help show visitors around the farm.

Directional/Wayfinding signage is an important type of sign for the farming sector. These are generally large area’s and it’s very important to make sure they’re signposted so that customers and visitors can find their way around. Using these signs helps avoid confusion and points them in the right direction. You can also use other signs and banners to communicate any offers or vital messages to your customers when they are driving to your parking, shops or restaurant.

Over the last few months, they have been preparing to re-open to the public. They’ve installed a fully automated vending shop, one of the first of its kind in Europe. The shop will be stocked with wonderful produce from local suppliers. They currently farm 24,000 free-range hens and a small herd of traditional native beef cattle. The farm is powered by the electricity generated on-site from solar panels and a wind turbine which means less reliance on electricity from non-renewable sources.