Perspex Screens – How To Protect Workers and Keep Customers Safe

Our latest range of health and safety signage allows businesses and retailers to promote social distancing and keep their customers and staff safe. Here at Hardy Signs, we can supply compliant and premium quality health and safety products.

Over the last year, we have been offering a range of signage solutions to keep your work environment safe.

With restrictions gradually easing and day-to-day life is returning to normal, several steps have been suggested to be taken by insurance companies and the local and national government in order to ensure a safe return to work.

Sneeze Guards are one of the products that plays a crucial role. These transparent screens are made of clear acrylic sheet meaning you are able to see through. They act as a protective shield between cashiers and customers. Perspex Screens create a shield against airborne viruses, such as the Coronavirus. Clear cast acrylic, also commonly referred to as Perspex Sheet, is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity.

The NHS and all big supermarkets and shops have already implemented these protective measures.

For many small businesses with very little floor space queue management signage and social distancing floor graphics may not always be possible. In these cases, our PPE Safety Screens can help keep personal contact to a minimum, protecting against unnecessary contact and airborne particles.

The government guidance states that social distancing measures apply to everyone and will be around for a long time after this is over. Companies are advised to use Perspex Screens at tills and counters as additional protection for workers and customers.

Following the steps taken by the NHS and the supermarkets, companies from all sectors are now looking at implementing extra health and safety measures before reopening their doors.

As a leading manufacturer in the midlands, we have the facilities to produce these screens, deliver and install them for you in a few days as we know how impactful these solutions are.

Sneeze guards can be supplied in standard sizes and shapes or bespoke to your needs and spacing.

We can produce Perspex screens of any size (width, height, or gap). They are: 

  1. Easy to clean and maintain, making them a worthwhile purchase in your company.
  2. UV stable ensuring that these will not discolour over time.
  3. Premium Quality to ensure maximum safety to employees and customers.

Whilst serving our valuable customers, we’ve also provided our employees at Hardy Signs with risk assessments and employee screening so that they are able to fully commit to installing signage at your businesses with the protection required.

We can manufacture these fully compliant and premium quality screens that blend into any workspace environment. They are quick and easy to install meaning you can still continue to operate your normal business whilst our installation team is working at your premises.

Should you not be sure about what you need, we would be happy to conduct a survey and give you our suggestions.

Safety measures will be in place across the United Kingdom for an undefined time even after lockdown is lifted. The protective solutions are made from high-quality material and you will be able to utilise them for as long time as needed.

It is Hardy Signs’ mission to ensure that every customer is equipped with the necessary signage required to excel in their industries.

We also offer Social Distancing Floor Graphics, Queue Management Signage, LCD Hand Sanitiser Digital Displays and Transparent Protective Roller Banners.

Coronavirus Signage Essentials brochure [click image below]

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