For over 25 years we have worked side by side with the National Health Service providing signage solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, and GP Surgeries across the UK. From wayfinding signage to post and panel and fascia signs; to digital signage, health and safety signage and more.

Due to the ongoing situation across the country, we have experienced a sharp increase in enquiries from hospitals needing acrylic safety screens, floor graphics and sanitiser stations. Our team have been able to mass-produce bespoke acrylic screens for a wide variety of businesses – keeping key workers, visitors, and patients safe.

Acrylic screens, or as they are called differently, sneeze guards or safety screens, act as a protective shield between cashiers and customers/receptions and patients. These screens create a shield against airborne viruses, such as the Coronavirus. Clear cast acrylic, also commonly referred to as Perspex Sheet, is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity. These should be considered when two or more workers are working side by side or back to back for long periods of time. Supermarkets and cafés are perfect examples of using Perspex screens appropriately.

Safety screens will have a space cut out to allow an exchange of payments/items between the employee and member of public/patient – this screen will cover the upper half of the body and head though. If you or your business are considering purchasing Perspex screens, you need to make sure that the screen is fit for purpose and protects staff and customers alike.

Screens should also be cleaned the same as any other surface or objects to prevent the spread of germs. This can be done using a soft damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray, make sure not to use scourers or chemical cleaners as acrylic can scratch very easily.

Some of the hospitals we have worked with include London Road Community Hospital, Robert Peel Hospital and Salford Hospital; you can see more below.

These screens have been used for the canteens/cafes at these hospitals and desks keeping key workers and patient’s safe day after day.

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