Burton Bridge closure has been in the centre of attention of the communities that live or work in Burton.

Burton and District Chamber of Commerce President, Nik Hardy has joined the messages of council and other leaders to support the local retailers during the next 10 weeks.

When similar work was carried out on St Peter’s Bridge, in Burton, last year many businesses told how they were ‘on their knees’ as shoppers, fed up of delays, turned their back on the town.



The latest work that aims to renovate the ancient Burton Bridge started on Monday, June 18. The works are planned to continue over the next 10 weeks.

Nik Hardy said for the BBC: ”The logistics of getting into town is going to take twice as long.  As a town we need to stick to together and allow more time for our journeys and support our local retailers. Hopefully 10 weeks will past very quickly.”

One lane on the bridge will remain open to let traffic travel into Burton and access will be maintained for cyclists and pedestrians to encourage people to continue to visit and support the town.


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