Marketing student from Manchester Metropolitan University begins placement at Hardy Signs. 

Here at Hardy Signs, we advocate for young professionals within the region by offering placements, work experience, talks at schools, careers fairs and more.

During this summer placement period, Olivia will gain clarity on what working within a busy marketing department looks like and how it operates within a small business. Olivia has also expressed a keen interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Key areas we are working on include marketing skills such as:

–       Digital Marketing

–       Content Creation

–       Social Media Management

–       Dealing with customers directly

–       Data Analysis

–       Networking


“In terms of networking, I hope to build relationships with professionals in the marketing and manufacturing sectors to gain advice and direction for my future career.”

Olivia will also be taking on the responsibility of handling potential customer enquiries. Through phone and email conversations, she aims to grasp the customers’ needs by understanding the sales process, studying customer data, and identifying target markets. This hands-on experience will be a significant learning opportunity for her.

Exposure to Hardy Sign’s operation process will familiarise me with the technologies and marketing they use daily. This three-month period will be valuable and significantly contribute to my education and career development.  “I know this placement will transform academic theory into real-world strategy, ensuring I go into my third year of University with a more professional perspective.”

“We are excited about the potential development and work that Olivia will bring to our team. Her fresh perspective and enthusiasm will undoubtedly enrich our work environment.” – Blu Hardy