Illuminated Shop Signs

3D Letters & Logos

Typically, these custom-fabricated individual units have internal LED lights which illuminate an acrylic face. A wide range of shapes and sizes can be achieved for internal and external use.

3D Letters & Logos (Halo Illuminated)

Manufactured in a similar process to face illuminated signage, with these items the illuminated is cast on to the surface behind the feature to create a ‘halo’ effect illuminated and increase the three dimensional impact.

3D Acrylic Illuminated Letters & Logos

The translucent acrylic manufacture of these signs allows illumination to appear from all sides and the face ideal for big, bold shapes and lettering.

Neon Signs

Perhaps the most recognisable form of illuminated signage – manufactured from bespoke formed, gas-filled, glass tubing creating an iconic, high impact, luminous effect.

Flexible-Faced Light Boxes

Ideal for signs with large areas of illumination. These light boxes are faced with either a flexible fabric or PVC with full-colour printed design. Equally ideal for the exterior of a large building or for bespoke, internal exhibition displays.

Stencil-Cut Light Boxes

These aluminium fabricated boxes are designed to house LED lights and the design is stencil-cut from the face allowing the illumination to shine through. Using acrylic panels within the boxes allows vibrant colours and a more detailed contrast in your design.

Sign Lighting

A wide range of additional sign lighting is available for internal and external use. Trough lighting, spotlights, decorative swan-neck lamps, LED ceiling panels and many more. Options are available for new signage projects or to retro-fit to existing signage in order maximise the impact.

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