Two large illuminated light box flex face signage installed at Ascott Transport Ltd by Hardy Signs in 2018. Previously, Hardy Signs team has installed customised graphics to the fleet of ATL.

Ascott Transport Ltd looks like a new place with the 2 Illuminated Flex Face we installed this week at their unit in Foston. You won’t have a reason for missing ATL anymore, even at night, as both Illuminated Flex Face signage have internal LED lights. It’s all about changing spaces and we love doing it!

The Flex Face Lightbox sign is an outdoor illuminated sign system which is ideal for larger outdoor illuminated sign applications. Flex Face lightboxes are very robust and durable with a 200mm deep aluminium profile as standard with internal supporting struts fixed to the back panel to create the rear tray of the lightbox. The internal backlit illumination of the lightbox sign can be produced using energy saving LEDs or traditional fluorescent tubes.

”We’re loving the new sign at our Foston site” was captioned the Facebook post by Ascott Transport Ltd.

Ian Scryner one of the members of Hardy Signs team who installed the two illuminated flex faces at ATL said that: ”The project went very smoothly and both signs were fitted within the predicted deadline.”

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