Top 5 Social Distancing Signage that Will Keep You Safe

We can manufacture a wide range of social distancing signage solutions essential for the protection of staff and customers. We can supply fully compliant and premium graphics, stickers and other signage to suit your businesses’ needs.

If you have been keeping up to date with the news, then I’m sure you will know all about social distancing. But do you understand why it is necessary?

Social distancing is important because coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets – packed with the virus – into the air. These can be breathed in or can cause an infection if you touch a surface they have landed on, and then touch your face with unwashed hands.

During the first lockdown, our Managing Director Nik Hardy spoke on ITV News about the reopening of Hardy Signs. He discussed the steps we had taken and the solutions we are able to provide during and post COVID-19. During these seven weeks enquiries had been coming in daily and members of the team had been working effortlessly to keep the different stakeholders informed. He also discussed having the correct procedures in place before bringing back about 35% of staff.


At the core of our offering currently are our Health and Safety Signage range, which now includes all of the solutions we provide to help people stay safe at work. These solutions include bespoke Checkout Sneeze Guards, LCD Hand Sanitiser Digital Displays, Queue Management Signage and Social Distancing Floor Graphics.


Each product serves a unique purpose but the whole package offers employee and customer safety and reassurance that you are being kept out of harm’s way whilst slowly getting back to normal.

We can manufacture a wide range of Checkout Screens and Sneeze Guards Essential PPE and supply compliant and premium quality floor graphics and floor stickers. Our design team can create a unique artwork or otherwise our multi-award-winning workshop team can print from your design.

Whatever you need we can help with. Deadlines are not a problem.

The LCD Hand Sanitiser Digital Display is another brand-new digital solution we are offering at Hardy Signs. They are designed to engage your colleagues and customers by combining hand-washing with digital signage. This product enables its’ users to browse the content whilst also keeping cleanliness intact. During these uncertain times, the touch-screen display encourages more visitors to engage with your content.

With more and more people going back to work every week, different signage solutions are populating offices and workshops all over the United Kingdom. They are predicted to stay in place for a long time even after lockdown.

As many of our employees start back at Hardy Signs, we have put in place the relevant PPE and risk assessments. This is a vastly important requirement which guarantees their safety and our customers’ safety during manufacturing and installation. Every member of the team must have awareness training whilst visitor screening protocols, supplier screening assessments and disinfection control records have become part of our business manual.

These steps reiterate our commitment to the health and safety of all our stakeholders.

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