Hardy Signs are continuing their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint by installing a 50kw photovoltaic solar energy system at their head office in Burton upon Trent.

A total of 200 solar panels have been installed on the office rooftop at Hardy Place (Hardy Signs). The system was supplied and installed by Live PV, the UK’s only distributor for Afore Ltd.

Nik Hardy Managing Director of Hardy Signs Ltd stated “by using the electricity generated by our solar panels we further our commitment to becoming greener and delivering a cleaner print output. We continue to serve our clients with their prints powered predominantly by clean energy.”

In the picture: Nik Hardy with David Worthington

“In addition, installing solar panels is also a sustainable commercial decision for us. The more efficient we are the more we can pass on the benefit to our customers in cost and time savings” concluded Nik Hardy.

Additionally, in 2015, Hardy Signs installed a Latex printer. One of the biggest advantages of the latex printer is that it uses non-toxic inks, giving a truly green output. The water-based inks used with this printer adds to our sustainability commitment.

The solar panels can generate approximately 38,000 kW electricity in a year, enough usable energy to run the entire workshop for at least nine months.

The project was managed by Live PV’s operations manager, David Worthington, and was designed and installed by Dan Lambert (Electrical Manager).

Photovoltaic solar modules generate electricity from daylight. The solar panels are connected to Afore inverters which convert the DC Voltage into AC Voltage that can be used to run machinery, lights, power, heating etc. On a bright sunny day, these panels can generate up to 50 KW/Hr.

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