Graphics are in virtually all promotional signs and advertisements. You see graphics in logos, infographics, websites, posters, business cards, packaging, letterheads, envelopes, social media profiles, wallpaper graphics and so on.

Graphics are everywhere and are not going away anytime soon. So if you want to become an expert in signage promotions, you need to understand the latest graphic design trends.

Sometimes it helps to update or refresh your current wallpaper graphics to accommodate the latest graphic design trends. That way, people are more likely to respond to your promotional materials if they see those trending graphic designs used in them.

Below are the top five graphic design trends to know in 2022.

1) Nostalgic Graphics and Colours

Generation X and Y have serious nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s. Integrating nostalgic graphics, fonts, and colours from those decades into modern signage is now considered cool.

For instance, use gothic serifs and neon colours to reflect 1980s nostalgia in your signage. Perhaps you could add some vaporwave landscapes to your signage designs too.

2) Motion Graphics for Digital Signage

Technology has gone mainstream in the signage industry. Everything from free-standing digital signs to video walls can incorporate marketing messages with animations and motion graphics in them.

Whenever you can display motion graphics in your signage, make sure you use an attractive and engaging animation. You can use the same colours and graphics from your printed signage, except now you can breathe motion in them.

3) Minimalism

Minimalist graphic design is trending in the signage industry. Companies are quitting the elaborate graphic designs and going with something more simple looking, such as standard shapes and a couple of colours in their colour schemes.

The problem with elaborate graphics is they can be overwhelming to people. On the other hand, minimalism allows your audience to focus on one or two things only, which is perfect if you want them to remember your brand name and logo.

4) 3D Graphics

3D graphics are thought to be more inviting and fun to audiences. Companies use 3D graphics to captivate and invite people to interact with them, whether it is via email or subscribing to an email newsletter.

3D graphics give more life to standard imagery. People will look at your 3D graphics and perceive the images as something real. That is perfect if you promote products with illustrations rather than photographs.

5) Meme Graphics

Meme graphics are always meant to be funny and humorous. You can show your target audience that your brand has a sense of humor with a delightful personality. Then perhaps your audience won’t think of your company as a business constantly pressuring people to buy stuff.

Instead, they’ll see your company as light-hearted, honest, and down-to-earth. Your audience could even connect instantly to your company because the meme graphics will appeal to them on a personal level.

As a result, people might want to do business with your company because of this personal connection they feel.

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