2020 was the year that the world stood still except, it couldn’t stop technology and innovation. It was the year that gave a boost to digital signage, which became more important than ever before. New requirements across the country made digital signage a big factor.

The growth of digital signage is driven by the usage of highly interactive display technologies in sports stadiums, indoor arenas, airports, bus/train stations, retail stores, schools, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Digital signage proves to be a great way to raise brand awareness, stimulate customer engagement and enhance customer experiences.

>> Digital Smart Entrances:

Digital smart entrances were one of the digital trends that emerged from the events of 2020. Each and every one of us will have come across at least one in shopping centres or supermarkets, etc. These are an example of one of the protocols put in place to control the flow of people and make sure social distancing is honoured.

Furthermore, a digital smart entrance can count the number of people coming into a building or store. One of the main features is that they have a setting that controls the capacity of visitors/customers. Meaning that once a store/building reaches capacity, it can advise people to wait outside until others leave.

Every cloud has a silver lining and due to the current circumstances, digital smart entrances were given the boos they needed. Innovation at its finest, overcrowding has always been an issue in different areas and these digital solutions will be used for a long time.

>> LEDs Taking Over Digital Signage

Nowadays digital signage undoubtedly has high-quality displays. As hardware production improves, the decreasing cost of LED displays has also amplified the adoption of digital signage across multiple verticals.

With digital signage vendors pushing toward direct-view LED displays, which are highly customisable and have a captivating focal point – it creates more immersive and engaging experiences for the audiences. Creativity will still be the key focus for the majority of successful campaigns, digital signage will be capable of generating more interest when it is displayed on a highly functional screen.

>> Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence:

By blending multiple data sources such as location, AI and facial recognition, marketers will be able to get better consumer insights. That means that they have the chance to identify and analyse consumer behaviour in real-time and deliver more personalised information.

Proximity sensors and facial recognition cameras can be used to identify the demographic details of your consumers. It can also identify whether the consumers are looking at a product or choose to analyse their purchasing history. This enables the display to recognise a customer, greet them, and suggest products or services they may be interested in.

>> Digital Hand Sanitisers:

New regulations now make sure that in closed areas, hygiene and social distancing are a top priority. In these challenging times, installing hand sanitiser was a must. These are usually located in strategic points such as entrances and exits.

Digital signage has taken these hand sanitiser stations to the next level. Another innovative feature is the LCD Hand Sanitiser Display. To reduce any risk of infection customers don’t need to touch or pump the sanitiser, the sensor technology makes this process easier. This also makes using touch-screen technology that a little bit safer.

>> Digital Billboards:

In recent times, there has been a noticeable growth in the use of large digital billboards. If you want to catch the eye of your audience, whilst looking sleek/modern, the electronic billboard is a great choice.

Electronic billboards, different from the more traditional ones that show only one advert for a given period of time, now have the option to display different types of content in one place.

The cloud-based digital signage can give advertisers the chance to control the content from home, or they can schedule it for upcoming weeks.

>> Trends we’ve followed in 2020:

LCD Hand Sanitiser Display

Auto Dispenser via the built-in IR Sensor, clean, safe & completely touch free to avoid cross-infection. The number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4. Display, Schedule & upload Media Content instantly, RSS News & Social Media Widgets, including the Latest WHO & NHS Media Content.

4G enabled so no network restrictions of Wi-Fi issues. However, Ethernet & Wi-Fi options are included. Die-cast plastic moulded design, makes it easy to clinically wipe free and clean. Removal and installation of the internal reservoir for sanitising solution refills take a few minutes.


PPE Safety Screens and Checkout Sneeze Guards

At Hardy Signs, you can find a wide range of checkout screens and sneeze guards essential PPE for the protection of staff, customers and suppliers.


Queue Management Signage

We offer a wide range of physical queue management signage essential for the protection of staff and customers. At Hardy Signs, you can order compliant and premium graphics, vinyl and other signage.


Sanitiser Stations and Notices

Hand Sanitising stations are ideal solutions to ensure your visitors and colleagues health and safety when entering your premises. Different hand sanitising solutions we offer are:

  • Freestanding hand sanitising stations
  • Wall-mounted hand sanitising stations
  • Automatic Hand sanitising stations


Transparent Protective Screen Roller Banner

Our latest range of health and safety signage allows businesses and retailers to promote social distancing and keep their customers and staff safe. At Hardy Signs, you will find compliant and premium quality protective screens and banners. Manufactured from clear PVC, these roller banners work the same as normal promotional ones but act as a safety screen between people. They can also be printed with your branding to make them more personal.

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs, otherwise known as A-Boards or Sandwich boards form a flexible additional option to your wider signage scheme. Incorporate chalkboard or dry-wipe options for flexibility, include clip frames and noticeboards to easily change the info on display. The signs can be fixed or manoeuvrable and can be designed to rotate or swing to catch attention.

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