Whether your van is parked or travelling across the country, vehicle signwriting will promote your business in a cost-effective way.

Lease companies are aware that their clients will want to add signwriting to their vans because now it’s a fact that it’s the only thing that differentiates you from 3.9 million others that are in streets of UK.

Use your van as a roving billboard for your business – there are no restriction and advertising will most likely generate ROI.  

Did you know…

That a recent study shows that 3,000 people per hour will see your van when you drive around a city?

>> What is a leased van?

Before exploring everything else we want to make sure you know correctly what a leased van is.

Leasing a van means a long-term rental offering the use of a van while you pay an initial rental in the beginning then a monthly payment for the period that you agree to use it. After finishing the contract customer put the van back to the company without any further obligations.

>> The benefits of leasing a van include:

  • Low initial rental
  • Fixed monthly rentals for the term of the lease
  • Flexible duration and mileage terms
  • No depreciation risks or disposal concerns
  • Popular makes and models are all available to lease
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs

>> Benefits of signwriting your van lease are:

1. Low-Cost Advertising

Signwriting your leased van is a smart investment if you consider that it will be seen by thousands of people, which means that it will pay itself.


2. A Professional Look

Most common vans are plain white, but they don’t talk much about your business. Signwriting your logo, contact details and other essential business information onto a leased van creates a sense of professionalism to your van.

Good signwriting promotes your brand and shows that you take pride in your company. When people see a plain white van, they might think it is a day rental and not one owned by a business.


3. Your Contact Details Should be Easily Recognized

If you decide to sign write your van don’t forget to put, contact details among other information. In that way, potential customers will see your business and get in touch. A nice and smart vehicle wrap can generate business enquiries, just from being seen.

>> Top Tips for Signwriting Your Van

Keep these in mind before getting anything printed:

Promote What Your Business Does

Whatever your trade or manufacture, the name and strapline of your business must state what your business covers. If you see ‘’Hardy Signs – Signage Solutions’’ it’s easy to understand what the company is about.

Simple Design

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to getting your message out there. When you’re on the move, you need to consider whether your message can be perceived in the same way from the other people. Your signwriting needs to be seen and understood in a few seconds and we would advise to keep it simple, clear, and concise. Make sure to be consistent with your brand logo, colours, and design in all marketing materials such as van, website, uniforms, etc.



If you are an award-winning company tell people about your achievements. It may create a competitive advantage with your competitors. Most people are inherently distrustful, especially of tradespeople, so give them a reason to trust you.


Once you have a design, you’re entirely happy with, double-check all the information and make sure they are correct. Having a sign written van makes your business look more professional, but not when there is a spelling or grammatical error on it. If you’re not confident in your own proofreading abilities, ask someone else to double-check it for you.

>> Magnetic, Stencil or Wrapped?

Magnetic signs are a non-permanent form of signwriting for your van. You can apply and take them off easily whenever you want. This helps to reduce the chances of increased risk of theft that signwriting may bring. You can decide how much you want to spend on it, and you print special offers and take them off once your campaign is finished. It may happen that they fall because they are not permanent especially when you drive fast.


Stencil signwriting uses a special printer and adhesive vinyl to create the sign. Once printed, the stencil can be applied to both sides of the van as well as the front and rear. If you want to display the same or similar information on all panels, this is the best option.


Wrapping also uses vinyl to cover the entire van in a more holistic design. This is the option that larger companies tend to use for to create a high impact. Partial wraps are available if you don’t want to cover the whole van.

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