Signage is more than a piece of promotional material for your brand. It is a representation of your brand’s professionalism and integrity. So if you can create memorable and mesmerising signage that can attract a large target audience, you can quickly grow your brand into a success.

The problem with many business owners is they don’t focus enough attention on creating quality signage for their brands. Instead, they purchase some templates or third-party signage designs and make a few modifications before printing them out and posting them at their facilities. This kind of lackluster signage can diminish the integrity of your brand and scare customers away.

Here are some examples of lackluster signage you’ll want to avoid for your brand’s signage:

1) Poorly Designed

Customers notice poorly designed signage as soon as they see it. For example, a sign should never have too many visual elements or text content. Instead, keep your signage nice and simple by only putting a few graphics and words on them. Just make sure the graphics and words are powerful and convey your brand’s message without misunderstandings.

Simplicity can help you deliver a distinct and concise message to consumers. Not only that, but it also makes it easier for consumers to remember your message and your brand. That is the whole idea of signage creation in the first place, isn’t it?

2) No Original Brand Logo and Colours

An original brand logo and colours are the essence of creating effective signage. If you haven’t done so already, you need to create an original colour scheme for your brand. A colour scheme should include no more than two to three colours to reflect your brand’s image. That way, people can think of your brand by only looking at the colours on the signage.

3) No Clear Message to Your Target Audience

What message are you trying to convey to your target audience? It isn’t enough only to focus on your signage’s visual elements and design quality. You must also focus on the central message you’re trying to send to your audience. Keep the message consistent in all your signs so they will remember it.

Remember that part of promoting a brand is to reach an audience that will have a reason to care for it. Therefore, your message needs to target an audience with a valid interest in the products or services you’re selling. If your message doesn’t have a consistent message, you won’t reach the right audience with your signage.

4) Bad Installation

You’d be surprised how many business owners attempt to install their own signage, only to find it falling apart or missing altogether. Part of the benefit of hiring a professional signage company is getting a quality installation, especially if the sign is outside. Then you can be sure the signage will be installed correctly and somewhere with high visibility.

When Hardy Signs installs signage for our customers, we try to look for the most visible spots on the property. We don’t want anyone to overlook the signage because trees or other obstructions were in the way.

5) Poorly Maintained

How often do you maintain your signage? Think about all the dirt and debris which could accumulate on your signage in a given day or week. If you don’t keep your signage sparkly clean, it will reflect negatively on the professionalism and integrity of your brand. People might think your company is too cheap to have clean signs, so why would they trust the quality of your products or services?

For this reason, make the extra effort to clean and repair your signs periodically. It is imperative to keep them looking good so that your brand can keep looking good in their eyes.

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Excellent signage is all about originality and creativity. Show your brand is different from other brands by displaying signage that people have never seen before. Use an original design with a unique colour scheme and logo that allows consumers to identify your brand. And most importantly, include a clear message to your target audience so they know which actions to take toward your business.

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