Health and Safety signage became one of the most in-demand solutions of 2020. One of the vital signage solutions that we have supplied to almost every sector is the Bespoke Protective Acrylic Screens, also known as Acrylic Sneeze Guards, Safety Screens, etc.

Covering everything from Floor Graphics to Queue Management Signage, at Hardy Signs we have needed to diversify our products range – just like millions of businesses have adapted to the changing government guidelines and the rapidly changing landscape.

These screens have proved crucial to enabling businesses to reopen whilst keeping both customers and staff protected. In true British fashion, where possible, the businesses have felt safe to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

The current advice is to observe the social distance, by keeping a distance of no less than two metres. Naturally, in many situations this proves difficult. Receptions and collections points in offices, shops, surgeries and many other locations have employed these safety screens to combat the spread of Coronavirus in locations across the country. Our manufacturing department is calling on years of experience to produce bespoke sizes and shapes to ensure that this product is available to everyone.

Bespoke perspex screens are the number one priority for a wide range of sectors including hospitality, education and healthcare. These can be made to measure and built to blend in with the surroundings.

To make the screens our skilled workshop team use a CNC router to cut the acrylic to the required dimensions, it then goes on to a heat-former where they bend the sides to give the screen itself more stability. After this, tabs are then glued on and this is how the screen will stick to the required location. We are able to manufacture curved screens, angled screens, and free-standing screens all in-house at Hardy Place.

Office Screens:

For many office workers returning to work is very difficult and many companies have chosen to continue working remotely. For other businesses this is not an option, therefore screens have proven a key solution in a difficult situation.

These screens can be fitted between desks, fixed to the floor, or simply hang between a given space. This way, day-to-day office life can proceed with some normality whilst doing the best to keep employees safe.

Hospitality Screens:

Perspex screens for hospitality can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different sized cut-outs to facilitate receiving payments. For till areas in restaurants, bars and cafes, etc. the cut-out must be big enough to fit a card machine or allow cash payment.

Our screens installed at The Winery in Burton have helped their customers to return to dining out, whilst protecting themselves and the staff. The clear acrylic screens were UV printed with their logo and installed to act as a partition between tables.

Retail Screens:

As in hospitality, screens in the retail sector need a cut out where customers make the payment. It is important to know that you can customise the screens to fit your interior or other aspects of your business.

On the popular website, Reddit, one user made acrylic screens for an optician’s office into the shape of reading glasses. This is a great example of using your screens to fit your surroundings.

Perspex Screens - Opticians Screens - Reddit


We have designed, manufactured and installed screens for the retail companies across the UK, one of which is Start and Tremayne in Coopers Square Shopping Centre. Their signs were produced almost like a box around the till so that the sales assistant would not be in direct contact with the customers at all.

For ‘Claudia’s’ the screen was fitted with the intention of keeping the beautician and customer out of contact when having their nails treated.

Healthcare Screens:

The majority of the screens we have manufactured and installed have been for the NHS. Understandably, hospitals across the country were the first to start using sneeze guards and safety screens.

They needed these health and safety solutions installed as quickly as possible due to their crucial role in a frontline position. From our very own doorstep in Burton at Queen’s Hospital all the way to Glasgow, Southampton and London, we provide the safety screens to prevent the spread of the virus.

Car Screens:

Different sectors have also required to install protective screens to their vehicles, to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers during work.


Screens must be cleaned the same as any other surface to prevent the spread of germs. This can be done using a soft damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray. Ensure not use abrasive materials or chemical cleaners which could potentially scratch the acrylic surface.


Hardy Signs can help your organisation with whatever size or shape screens you require. Whether you need it suspended from the ceiling or attached from the floor up, whether it needs a cut-out at the side or the bottom, we can help.

The main aim of these screens is to keep you safe from the spread of the virus. Hardy Signs can accommodate your specific requirements to ensure your business is operating safely for its staff and visitors alike.

Contact us or give us a call on 01283 569102 to discuss your requirements today.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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