There are plenty of different signage solutions out there for hotels. To make sure your hotel stands out, you need to consider the different options out there.

Smart and quality signage can attract a variety of clientele, define your brand, and provide important information to guests and employees; thus, it is essential to get it right.

Branding – Let’s start by looking at your branding.

Have you got a specific colour scheme you want to follow? Is there a certain font you are using across the business? Do you have a unique look in comparison to the other hotels in your area? These are some questions you need to be asking yourself as you want to stand out against your competitors.

When looking at the signage you want, you need to consider your brand and if this particular signage would work for you and your brand.

If your hotel is located in a popular city and you are surrounded by many competitors, what solutions will make you stand out from the crowd? By assessing your competitors and their branding – you can identify what they may have missed out on and have the upper hand.

Guests will shop around before they book anything and will compare you and your competitors. You need to make sure your branding is distinctive as this can give you the advantage you need.

TOP 5 must-have Signage Solutions:

1. Digital Signage

Digital Signage is widely used throughout hotels across the UK and beyond.

These signs can be used for checking in and out, making reservations, displaying information across the hotel, advertising, etc. Hotels can also utilise digital signage as wayfinding signage if you were looking at where you were on a digital map and where perhaps the closest bar, theatre or museums are. The latest innovation in hotel digital signage is the LCD hand sanitiser display.

Free-Standing Digital Screens can be used throughout a hotel to waylay information to guests, whether that be traffic updates, advertisements for the hotel’s bar, restaurant, local venues or just advertisements in general. This solution has proven eye-catching for guests.

Touchscreen Digital Signage can be even more interesting to guests as they are interactive and allow users to explore more. This may prove a cheaper alternative in the long run as it may create the opportunity of not needing to pay for concierge staff.

These screens can answer your guests’ FAQs, displaying information such as the hotel’s bar, restaurant, spa opening and closing times, etc. You could also use it to play a slideshow of images and videos of the hotel’s facilities while it is on stand-by and not in use.

According to an NCR Corporation study, 55% of consumers would be more likely to visit a hotel with a self-check-in/out kiosk.

– Self-check-in kiosks are useful in the instance that a member of staff is not available, whilst the screen or kiosk is there for guests to use independently. They can also be located in areas of high footfall, where you can serve your customers the information needed or even promote services and products within the hotel to increase profitability. For 24-hour availability, they can be used for guests to check-in and out of your hotel.

LCD Hand Sanitiser Displays, shown in the video above, are trending at the moment due to the increased health and safety measures. This solution could be both touch and non-touch screens and have a built-in hand sanitiser that automatically dispenses liquid or gel to wash your hands.

Throughout the decades, digital signage has played a big part in hotels. The digital signage 20-30 years ago was very different from what it is nowadays. Video monitors were used frequently in the ‘80s and ‘90s displaying signage/advertisements with VHS videotapes. DVDs came next and these were used on television screens of hotel rooms or lobbies. In some hotels, these are still being used.

Digital Signage 90s

Technology is always developing, with new software and faster screens being launched all the time. There are new displays, new content management systems, new activity and new uses being developed all the time so as to keep consumers interested in new ways.

2. Illuminated Signage

Illumination can really help your brand stand out from your competitors. There are a few options to choose from: If you want something modern with a retro twist, neon signage is extremely popular and is used in many bars across the world.

Halo illuminated signage is very subtle but the illumination itself is cast on to the surface behind the feature to create a ‘halo’ effect, which eventually increases the three-dimensional impact.

Face illuminated signs are also very appealing to audiences. These can be used internally or externally and are typically built with internal LED lights which illuminate an acrylic face. These signs are bold and usually used as fascia signs but look incredible as a centre point.

The Walton Hotel - Hardy Signs - External Signs


The reception of your hotel is where your signage will make the most impact. This is where guests first arrive and making sure this area is lit properly is crucial.

3. Health and Safety Signage

Health and safety signage is important for any business as they help to keep customers and employees safe at all times. In a hotel, you could have caution signs near any hot pipes, signage in the kitchen so everyone is aware of what appliances to use etc. Fire exits need to be labelled clearly in case of an emergency. This is perhaps the main health and safety sign in any commercial building.

Sanitiser Stations are on the rise in popularity along with mask dispensers. Health and safety signs have innovated in 2020 due to increased safety measures. Mask dispensers are becoming very popular due to the requirements of wearing masks in most public places.

We all forget our masks occasionally as it still feels surreal that this is our new way of life; though adding one of the necessary precautions makes your guests feel safe and looked after.

4. Wallpaper / Wall / Window Graphics

Wall graphics can be used in most areas of a hotel. Whether it’s for wayfinding or just for décor – they are an extremely useful type of sign. They can add a different dimension to a room. Our graphic designers could work with you to prepare the artwork you need, which could be as bright, bold, big, or small as you want it. By using these graphics, you are able to maximise the visibility of your brand, for example, having your logo on the walls around your hotel creates consistency and reminds guests of your brand. Engaging designs have proven to drive customer experience.

Window graphics work just as well and are easily applied and removed. One of their uses could be in the front windows which will make you brand visible to customers walking by. They are applied to the inside to advertise and give maximum impact from the outside.

Window manifestation graphics are another very efficient option. They can add a sense of privacy to your room, amongst other benefits.

5. Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signage is the second most important signage solution for any hotel. You need your guests to be able to find their rooms and any other facilities easily.

Ensuring that floor levels are marked clearly, room numbers can be easily seen and directions to the nearest exit are all on display keeps guests happy and comfortable throughout their stay.

These may be fairly basic hotel signs, but they are usually custom made to fit with the theme of your hotel; sticking with the same fonts and/or colours. Numbers for the rooms need to be large enough to display but small enough so they don’t look tacky and ruin the décor.


Wherever you go, whatever hotel you stay in – these signs will all be used in different ways. From the reception to the restaurant, all of these signage solutions play an important role in keeping visitors and employees safe and make sure guests are enjoying their stay. Hotel signage makes it easy for customers to navigate in your building without the need for human interaction – especially through digital signage. If you have an eye-catching design, this will stand out and be remembered.

Your signage is one of your important assets, thus make sure you’re choosing the right signage company to help you with this.

About the company: Hardy Signs is a professional and digital signage company that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke signage products to a wide range of business sectors in the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded the manufacturer of the year in 2019 and 2020.

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